DJ Alexander

Born (12/11/82) is a house, disco and dance DJ specializing in 80’s dance music, event production and sound engineering.

Dj Alexander’s work started in 2000 when he secured a residency at Brannigans night club (Crawley). This was a great dj education for Alexander owing to the variety of people that the venue used to attract. DJ Alexander had to please a diverse range of age groups and musical tastes, so became an expert in being able to rock the crowd with 80s and 90s hits. DJ Alexander was especially loved by the airport staff (Gatwick) as his airport crew club nights were a huge success.

In 2003 Alexander gained a degree in sound engineering, over more recent years has been focusing on production and has worked with several successful DJs and event producers, also becoming fully qualified as a trade electrician. In 2013 Alexander teamed up with DJ Michael Mitch and the company was born. Together they have provided discos for weddings birthday parties corporate events and more. Alexander’s attention to detail and experience in music technology ensures that our events always run smoothly with no technical problems.

We are altogether confident that between Alexander and Mitch we have all the skills to guarantee you the experience you deserve.


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Posted: April 28, 2013


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